Divorce Is Not Fun For The Kids

divorce and kids

Divorce is not something adults in marriage usually look forward to, much less enjoy going through, but in many cases, they get so wrapped in what it means to them individually or they focus on their struggles with their spouse that they forget what it means for their children.

In most divorces, the kids are relatively well looked after by one parent or another at all times. They are sent to bed on time, kept clean and healthy, have a roof over their heads, clothes on their back, and are at school regularly. However, while these are fundamental basics of a good childhood, they are not all there is.

The emotional well being of the children must also be considered at all times, as divorce can prove a very scary time and situation for them. Their parents are splitting up, which can honestly feel like their world is being torn in half. In a lot of cases, one parent becomes the primary custodian, with the other one getting them every other weekend or for other limited time periods.

sad child after divorceThis level of stress is not something children are usually equipped to handle, as stress management is something people learn later in life if at all. The unfortunate reality is that while parents might want to help their kids with the stress of the situation, in trying to relate to them on the matter they might start sharing their own negative thoughts about the spouse they are divorcing.

Doing that never does the children any favors, as it can start poisoning their relationship with the other parent or possibly even sabotage their trust in the parent who is being derogatory to the other parent. Children of divorced parents often have lingering trust issues for a long time after if they are not guided through the process right.